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That is an awesome song and animation. In the begining, the lip-syncing was off from the voice, but it was good anyway. And for the guy before me, the song is supposed to be that long.

Thats awesome

Like the guy before me said, I wish I could animate that way too, but I just don't have the patience. And by doing it that way, it looks a lot better than any other flashes I have seen on Newgrounds. Keep it up!

HOLY ****!!!

I am amazed at the graphics!! They are insane!! Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more content from you.

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Couldn't play :(

I wasn't able t play. It kept connecting, then right away going 'disconnected'.... is the site with the server on it over its bandwidth limit?

I'm still playing this 3 days later!

This game is amazing. I really enjoy how you have to plot your course, and bring enough food, water, forage, ammo, etc. The news was cool how it told you what was happening where. One of the biggest issues though was the combat. It was a bit slow; if you had the option to skip watching the enemy walk, or make them walk faster; also you need to add a minimap to the combat because it was too hard to tell where everything is. The final issue is that when you save and load a game, the news board is empty, and all the entries say "undefined".

Other than those few minor issues, this game was one of the best I have played on Newgrounds in a long time. Keep up the awesome work!

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I've just started listening to your stuff and this is yet another AMAZING piece. Keep up the awesome work!

MaestroRage responds:

Thanks Shadwickman! I intend to keep it up as long as I can! Thank you for the review, i'm glad you enjoyed it!

Pretty good

It's pretty good, although the main beat was pretty muc hthe same the whole way through. Not much happened in it, but keep up the good work.

Alex-J responds:

Thx for the review! Yeh the main beat was pretty much the same and not much happened in it.


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